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We don't just re-cycle paper. We re-cycle knowledge!

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We have many paper related collectibles besides books and the ones listed at Paper Trail. Many are small such as post cards, sports cards and magazines and require too much space and time to list properly.

We have a Web Gallery where you can view many of these. Click on the link below to visit there.  

We are open to any reasonable offers!

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We also have a regular spot at the

Courtice Flea Market in Courtice, Ontario, Canada. (Weekends ONLY!)



There we have a huge variety of collectibles, antiques, toys and much much more.
For a peek at at our items there, click on the links below.

or visit our home site at   CANADUTCH.COM  for images.

We also have an image gallery of items which we have available at our store or for items not listed yet.

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Send me an Email telling me what item you are interested in and when you will be able to visit.
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You can also negotiate a price there and see your item of interest in the real world.

To view the Courtice website click here;



Our booth is at the North East corner of Building 2


Questions? or suggestions?

Send Email to: [email protected] 

Please do visit our other stores below for items other than china.

To access them click on the blue  highlighted links below

1.   canadutch_logo2.jpg CANADUTCH.COM   we are moving this site to another server, please bear with us 

2.   chinaminer.jpg   China Miner - Large selection of fine china,porcelain, pottery and other ceramics.

 3.  justforwrapslogo.jpg  Just For Wraps     -    Specializing in non china and Royalty memorabilia.
4.  0000_glassworks_logo.jpg   The Glass Works   -   Specializing in glass items of every kind. 






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