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We also have other  Internet stores below for different items.

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  1.  Just For Wraps - Specializing in non china Royalty memorabilia.
  2. The Glass Works - Specializing in glass items of every kind. 
  3. China Miner - Ceramics and fine china old and new.

We also have 3 spaces at the  Courtice Flea Market

We are physically located in Building 2 (back right corner) at the Courtice Flea Market.

in Courtice, Ontario, Canada.

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My wife and I have been collecting for some years now and in order to make room for more items we soon realized that we needed to get rid of some others.

Since all of these were 'priceless treasures' (remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder) and much too nice to throw away, we decided to sell them.

Hence our internet and flea market stores.

I, myself have read 1000s of books and due to a good memory cannot re-read them without knowing what is to come. I am now retired and my eyesight is getting bad so many of the books I have stored for future perusal are now going on sale since I cannot read like I used to.

Frankly I just do not have the time to read anything other than books on collecting etc.

We are not a high budget operation. Just a 'Mom and Pop' enterprise. We were recently attacked by someone planting a virus within our site code. Why anyone would want to sabotage our effords is beyond me. This was not a dangerous type virus but was enough to trigger most anti-virus programs. I got rid of the code but some bugs remained so I erased the entire site and re-started it. To restock this website is turning out to be a tremendous effort and hopefully we can get it back to where it was.

We try to be as accurate as possible  about our descriptions and we firmly believe that the customer comes first.

We will do anytyhing we can to make your experience here and after as satisfactory as possible.


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