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1953 School Friend Annual Hard Cover book
1953 School Friend Annual Hard Cover book The School Friend Annual.

The School Friend Annual was first published in September 1926 for 1927, providing girls (and boys) of school age a mix of school and adventure stories. It was third in a new line of girls' story annuals issued by the Amalgamated Press, behind the Schoolgirls' Own from 1923 and Golden from 1925. The AP responded to the popularity of Cliff House School in their weekly story paper of the same name, at that time written by L. E. Ransome under the Hilda Richards byline, but continued and probably written from the 1934 Annual by John Wheway. The AP records were lost so this is a best guess. These stories had been appearing to date in the other 2 annuals but were now fixed until the 1941 edition when the last Cliff House story appeared. The annual itself went on though, first with stories but (like the Girls' Crystal Annual) turned into mainly and finally wholly picture strip form, and even lasted until 1982.
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July 24, 2019
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