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1924 Chums Annual Hardcover Book
1924 Chums Annual Hardcover Book CHUMS, probably the most fondly remembered of all Children's annuals, was famous for its bright crimson covers. 'Chums' started in1892 and was clearly modelled on the 'Boy's Own Paper', carrying a mix of stories and articles on all sorts of topics. The first issue featured the start of a serial by D. H. Parry entitled 'For Glory and Renown,' and articles on Harrow School, 'Some of the Doings of Julius Caesar Whilst in Britain' and 'How to Train for the Football Season.' At first it struggled to poach readers from the BOP, but two serials in particular ensured its success – 'The Iron Pirate,' by first editor Max Pemberton, which appeared in 1892, and 'Treasure Island,' by Robert Louis Stevenson, which appeared in 1894. By the time of its demise in 1941 it had carried stories by a string of popular authors – Geo Manville Fenn, S. Walkey (the master of the pirate yarn), Frank Shaw, Charles Gilson (who was mentioned in despatches in World War One), Maxwell Scott, Hylton Cleaver, Gunby Hadath (who was not only captain of his school, but was capped for rugby at Cambridge, played cricket for the Gentlemen of Surrey, wrote a book on Ancient Philosophy and was a member of the Inner Temple), Geo Rochester, Percy Westerman and John Hunter. It even carried a story by P G Wodehouse, 'The Luck Stone,' published in 1908 under the pseudonym 'Basil Windham.'

At first 'Chums' was published by Cassells. It appeared every week, and at the end of the month the weekly issues were gathered together and published (with a glorious colour cover) as a monthly. In September the previous year's monthly issues were then collected together and published as an annual – the large books with the famous red covers.
In January 1927 'Chums' was purchased by the Amalgamated Press. It carried on as a weekly until 2 July 1932, when No. 2077 was the last such issue to be published. Monthly issues continued to appear until July 1934. After that annuals were specially prepared by the editor and appeared in September each year until 1941, when paper shortages brought the title to an end.
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May 30, 2020
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