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.....SOLD.....1863 Key to Raphael’s Hours by John Sowle of Boston
.....SOLD.....1863 Key to Raphael’s Hours by John Sowle of Boston Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino 1483 – 1520, better known simply as Raphael, was an Italian painter and architect of the High Renaissance. His work is admired for its clarity of form and ease of composition and for its visual achievement of the Neoplatonic ideal of human grandeur. Together with Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, he forms the traditional trinity of great masters of that period
Rapael's Hours refers to 6 hours of day and 6 hours of night pieces of art created by the famous Renaissance artist, Raphael. Each features the respective allegorical figure of a graceful, floating, beautiful woman draped in a gown who holds an item or animal suggesting a particular time of day or night. Each incorporates a predella in the lower border, respectively depicting scenes of animals, some fanciful, such as a squirrel driving a chariot pulled by a blue bird, and some more realistic, such as two dogs hunting a goat. The predella scenes also relate to the respective times of day and night. The allegorical figure is set against a black sky in an oval, and each predella is set against black, in an elongated rectangle with curved edges.
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December 4, 2020
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